Thursday, 10 July 2014

Quick & Easy Toning Exercises

The other day I stumbled across the '30 Day Squat Challenge' and the '30 Day Ab Challenge'.
I found them on the Apple App Store, so I'm not sure whether they're only available for apple customers or android as well.
As I can't go the gym regularly, due to money and time, I like to do as much as I can at home.
Toning is a range activities I actually quite like to do; they're easy, not so time consuming, you can go at your own pace and they're perfect to complete in your own house!
Usually I try to complete a certain amount of sets of sit ups, press ups on my knees (cause I can't do proper push ups, yet!), leg raises, squats and lunges. But, I have a nasty habit of forgetting... Or, maybe it's just laziness, which to say I actually enjoy doing these activities, doesn't sound right.. But I just lack the motivation to start completing these activities on some days.
However, after finding these apps:
I found that having a schedule that I have to stick to gives me motivation to complete it.
These challenges have been set by proper fitness experts so they've put in rest days in the correct places and increased/decreased the amount of each activity you do each day in order to achieve the best outcomes. This is to ensure that you get the most out of these fitness challenges, for example if you go overboard one day you're less likely to complete the following days so having it all organised for you is perfect! That is unless you like to make up your own fitness routine!
As you can see, I'm only on Day 3... But I'm loving these challenges.
It gives me something to aim for and hopefully, once completing the whole 30 days I will be in a habit to continue by myself.
So, if you love sport, fitness and training, you should definitely have a go at these challenges.
See if you can complete the whole 30 days without cheating!

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