Saturday, 19 July 2014

Liebster Award

Being fairly new to the blogging community, I'm always delighted to be nominated to complete a tag or award.
So when I was nominated, by the ever so lovely Sarah at Everyday Concepts, I was quite excited about it.
I haven't come across loads of tags within bloggers and this is definitely a new one to me.
This is the Liebster Award.
I'm not quite sure of the origin of this award, but I'm pleased to take part.
To my understanding, the rules of this award are as follows:
      • You must answer all 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you
      • You must link back to the person that nominated you
      • After completing these questions you must nominate 11 bloggers (with under 200 followers) and give them 11 questions of your choice
      • You can not nominate the person who nominated you
      • You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it
So my questions, set by Sarah, are...
What country would you most like to visit?
I love America. Although I have already been there once - to the east coast, I'd love to explore and travel around the whole country.
One thing you can't live without?
Honestly, my phone. It sounds cliché and sad... but it's true. I have everything I need on there. I can communicate and socialise, I can browse the web, I can listen to music, I can read books, I can watch youtube, I can shop, I can watch movies... I can do everything I need to do on it!
Favourite colour?
I'm loving mint green at the minute
What is the latest movie you watched?
The Fault In Our Stars (I think!)
Who is your favourite celebrity?I can't say I have just one... Maybe Demi Lovato...
I change my mind depending on my mood!
What made you start your blog?
I started this blog because I'd always pondered on the idea and, eventually, I decided to put it into action. I enjoy writing and my previous attempts at expressing my writing creativity completely failed and so I decided to focus my ability in a different way!
How has you blog evolved from when you first started it?
I think I have a better idea of the directions I'm aiming posts to go in. However, I do get to some days/weeks and have no clue what so ever to post and I completely flop at being a blogger.
Rain or sunshine?
Both? I like the rain when it's sunny, but I also like each individually (depending on the temperature - I hate too hot and I hate too cold!)
Theme Park or Safari Park?
Theme Park hands down!!
Do you own any pets?
Yes, I have two kittens. But they're growing up too fast :(
They're adorable though.
What is your favourite book?
I have, very recently, just finished reading 'Nothing Left To Lose' by Kirsty Moseley and I love it. I'm a sucker for the typical American love story, but this one has a twist. It's honestly amazing and I couldn't put it down. I think I managed to read the whole book in four days, in between other commitments.
Now, this is the part where I nominate bloggers and give them 11 questions of my own, so here goes...
Memoirs of a Fashion Student -
The Diary of a Beauty-Addict -
And my 11 questions are:
1. If you could describe your blog in one word, what would it be?
2. Favourite shop (to buy clothes)?
3. The last book you read?
4. Who is your idol/inspiration?
5. Biggest phobia?
6. Are you more likely to scream or laugh on a rollercoaster?
7. Favourite television show?
8. Something you're looking forward to in the future?
9. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
10. If you had one chance to visit anywhere in the world, meaning that you would never be able to leave your city again, where would you visit?
11. What is the most important possession you own?
I hope my nominees enjoy answering these questions and I would love to read your posts, so send me a link if you complete it :)
Also, if you fancy a go yourself (and you haven't been nominated yet), feel free to begin your own. Or... Even better, make your own up! I'm sure it'd catch on if you tried to spread it far enough!

Monday, 14 July 2014


This picture is so pretty.
The detail is stunning.
It's so precise.
I love it.
And, I would actually consider something along these lines, regarding the design and pattern, as a tattoo.

Friday, 11 July 2014

My Summer Wish List

A fellow blogger, Jadiee, used a popular trend that's going around and turned it into a tag. She tagged me and so here I am, typing away!

How it works, as I assume, is that you think of five things that you wish to do or achieve this summer and then you list them.
Pretty simple really.

So, here goes...

My five wishes for this is summer are:

1. To get a tan
For the previous couple of years I haven't been able to get a good tan as I've visited places that are very hot and humid and I cannot stand the heat. Despite wishing that I actually loved the heat, like my mother, I physically can't hack it.
Every single year my mum comes home looking as brown as ever and I am just the same old pale milk bottle! I guess last year I did tan a bit more than usual so I was happy with that. But, this year I'm aiming for a full on tan that I'm proud of! haha

2. To tone up
As a teenager, school is time consuming and then your free time is taken up by socialising and relaxing. So, exercise doesn't always take priority. Unless you're an athlete of course.
 I do try to maintain my fitness, however I'm aiming to get toned this summer. As well as hopefully shedding a few pounds!

3. To treat my family so they know how much I really appreciate them
My parents do everything for me and I really want to do something special for them this summer. Even if it's just something simple, like going on a walk and buying them an ice-cream. I know they're willing to do everything that they do do for me, but sometimes I'm spoilt far too much and I don't feel like I do that much in return.
Also, I have two grandparents who, over the years, have spent valuable time and money on me. All of which I hold amazing memories from and appreciate so much. This summer I want to do something for each of them to show them how much I still love to spend time with them although they can't do as much as they used to.

4. To pass my driving test!
After recently passing my (driving) theory test, I'm beginning to think about my practical now.
Having started learning at the end of Decemeber, I've set a target for myself to pass before my birthday (which is in Novemeber) so if I can get it done by September that would be brilliant.

5. To enjoy some new adventures with my friends
Throughout my teen years I've been super fortunate. I've visited so many different cities across England with my friends and we've done a range of things, mostly shopping!
But I'd love to do something new; something different that we will all enjoy and remember the amazing memories we make. Especially as we will be leaving each other and heading off to university soon.

All of these wishes are very personal to me.
(They're definitely not in priority order either!)
As I grow older and get that one step closer to finally moving out, I want to make the most of the time I've got left at home. These years are ones I'll remember for a long time so I want to be able to reminisce on great times, not just the same old.

I'd love to see what your wishes for this summer are.

I tag everyone reading to complete this list.
And if you do, make sure to comment with your link so I can check them out:)
Also, if you don't write a blog, write out your list in the comments!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Quick & Easy Toning Exercises

The other day I stumbled across the '30 Day Squat Challenge' and the '30 Day Ab Challenge'.
I found them on the Apple App Store, so I'm not sure whether they're only available for apple customers or android as well.
As I can't go the gym regularly, due to money and time, I like to do as much as I can at home.
Toning is a range activities I actually quite like to do; they're easy, not so time consuming, you can go at your own pace and they're perfect to complete in your own house!
Usually I try to complete a certain amount of sets of sit ups, press ups on my knees (cause I can't do proper push ups, yet!), leg raises, squats and lunges. But, I have a nasty habit of forgetting... Or, maybe it's just laziness, which to say I actually enjoy doing these activities, doesn't sound right.. But I just lack the motivation to start completing these activities on some days.
However, after finding these apps:
I found that having a schedule that I have to stick to gives me motivation to complete it.
These challenges have been set by proper fitness experts so they've put in rest days in the correct places and increased/decreased the amount of each activity you do each day in order to achieve the best outcomes. This is to ensure that you get the most out of these fitness challenges, for example if you go overboard one day you're less likely to complete the following days so having it all organised for you is perfect! That is unless you like to make up your own fitness routine!
As you can see, I'm only on Day 3... But I'm loving these challenges.
It gives me something to aim for and hopefully, once completing the whole 30 days I will be in a habit to continue by myself.
So, if you love sport, fitness and training, you should definitely have a go at these challenges.
See if you can complete the whole 30 days without cheating!

Saturday, 5 July 2014


As a female teenager, make-up plays a large role in my life!
I love finding new products that are brilliant.
As you may already know, MAC is a well known brand - for both it's excellence and it's prices!
However expensive, it's definitely worth every penny!
(From my experiences it is anyway)
Today I wanted to share with you my favourite lipstick from MAC...
I've got to admit, I have used many brands of lipsticks in the past; Rimmel London, L'Oreal, Topshop, Clinque etc, but I have found that this MAC lipstick is my all time favourite.
It works like a charm.
It's a beautiful colour, it's a reasonable price, it's coverage is perfect and, most importantly, it's long lasting; in which I mean it stays on, as you've applied it, for a long period of time! More than others I've used anyway!
This particular colour is called 'All Fired Up' and it's from the Retro Matte collection.
I don't usually go for pink shades when buying lipsticks, however I was drawn to this one for some strange reason.
Although I was a little dubious at first, when I first wore this lipstick I instantly fell in love.
It's not too bright as it isn't very shiny, mainly due to the fact it's in a matte pigment.
I found that this matte pigment was much more my style.
I definitely recommend you purchase a MAC lipstick.
They're amazing and so easy to wear.
I will 100% continue to buy lipsticks from them as they're excellent quality.
Also, if you ever have a few extra pounds to spare, why not try a matte lipstick?
I, honestly, love them!
It's a great change to the usual lipsticks and glosses :)
(I'm not sure whether you can buy the MAC matte lipsticks in England as I got mine in America, but I am yet to visit many MAC stores across the UK so I don't actually know!)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Something I dislike...

So there are many things I dislike about myself, but there's one main thing.
That main thing is that I'm easily influenced by my friends, by the people I go to sixth form with, by my family, by society.
In some ways that's a good thing, but in others it just causes pressure.
Personally, I know that I'm not influenced in all ways. I am my own person and I know that I have many qualities that make me unique. I don't try to change them to accommodate others.
However, in some ways I catch myself being influenced by those around me and it really bugs me.
Obviously, as I am aware of this habit I try to control it.
Being influenced by peers is a great way of shaping who you are and learning about your likes/dislikes while you are growing up.
Influence teaches you new things everyday.
But, the thing that bugs me about being influenced by those around me is that I find myself doing things I'm not comfortable with, things I didn't actually want to do in the first place and things that (sometimes) I later regret.
Don't get me wrong, I won't crumble under peer pressure if it's something dangerous or illegal but it's the little things I catch myself doing.
I'm not an arrogant person, I don't love myself and I definitely don't want everything to be about me. But I am a nice person, I'd rather please others and do things to help those around me. I get that from my parents, we're all softies - sometimes I wish that wasn't the case, however I think it has many more rewards.
I always find that I feel as though no one will want to do what I want, or they won't be happy with my decisions and so I avoid making any if I can. But the thing is, I know my friends would be totally okay with what I want to do. They're not self-centred people either.
I just feel like I should do whatever pleases them and nobody can change that feeling, it's something I always feel but I don't feel it in a way that puts me down.
Now, I'm not always like this.
I do make decisions and I do organise things with my friends.
I think my friends are similar to me as we all don't really like making the decisions and so compromise is a great thing!
If you're anything like me, just remember your decision will not be ignored or you will not be judged because of it.
You're entitled to your opinions and preferences.
Don't feel like everybody else is right.
And most importantly, don't let people walk all over you.
Do whatever makes you happy!

Be yourself.
There's nothing better than someone who is there own person!