Tuesday, 10 June 2014


 Personally, I'm really into interior designing.
But, I don't think I could do it as a career, it's more of a hobby.
And honestly, I can't wait to get my own home one day so I can interior design that!

Now, I know money isn't everything.
However, like many, I would LOVE a huge home.
But not for all of the wrong reasons, I'd want to be able to buy a big house with my hard earned money.
I wouldn't want this home to brag or show off to everyone, but for my own personal benefit.
At the beginning, I would want it purely to interior decorate my personal home from scratch.
Living in a house, knowing that you put time and effort into making it what it is, is something I aspire to achieve.
Obviously, with a bigger house there's more room to experiment and be more creative with individual room designs.
However, you could do exactly the same in a small house.

My picture this week is of a beautiful (what looks like) entrance of a house, which leads to the staircases and an individual hallway down the middle.

Clearly, this house is massive.
All the while, it is stunning.
And, I love everything about this picture.

I love the black and white theme.
The grand piano in the middle.
The separate staircases curving at the top.
The elegant design in the banister.
The arc way into the dinning room (I think).

It's modern and stylish yet precise and delicate.
Now, I always say I'm not very creative, but I think I have a random pinch of creativity inside of me.
I'm creative with certain things.
I'm definitely not creative in an artistic way (painting and drawing and that), but I am in this sense.
I like changing things up and making it out to be something I want at the time.
(If that makes any sense at all!)
Also, I get quite bored of what I already have so I like rearrange every now and again.
For example, I have just recently cleared out and tidied my bedroom.
I rearranged most of the furniture and added simple things, like some fairy lights around my telly, in order to change it up.
It looks totally different, but I haven't had to spend any money.
I just used my time, effort and motivation to create something new.


  1. You're right, "Living in a house, knowing that you put time and effort into making it what it is..." is what makes a house a home. I certainly feel that way about my home, but its not really because of the interior design. An interior designer would probably have a fit if they saw my house...!

    I've feel that put my stamp on the house in other ways. Practical things like putting an electrical socket outdoors, so I don't have to trail cables through the window. Making the French doors open outwards rather than inwards, so I can optimise the way the interior space is used....

    I hope you achieve your ambition before too many years pass and that you'll still be blogging when you get to that stage in your life. I will look forward to reading about your interior design and seeing the pictures.

    Thanks for another great posting, which I've enjoyed reading this evening.
    I'm sure that others will too, so I've added "A world full of Wonders" to the blogroll on my own blog.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I hope to be blogging for a long time as it's something I really enjoy :)