Friday, 13 June 2014

Wish List: Clothes - June 2014

It's almost the summer holidays!!
Like many, I'm counting down the days until my exciting holiday abroad.
As well as counting down the days, I'm on the look out for some new summer clothes!

Here are a few items that I have loved, but not bought (yet), when on the hunt!

Outlaw denim jacket from the AWG range at
Glamour Kills in America.
RRP: $89.99 which converts to £53.74 (without P&P)
I have actually wanted this jacket for a year or so now.
Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of a band called All Time Low, partnered up with Glamour Kills to design a small range.
This jacket being one of its pieces.
I love how the main part of this jacket is denim but the hood and sleeves are a cotton material.
This really stood out to me when I saw it as I began to love it.
Glamour Kills stock jackets very similar, however without the writing and image on the back, but I loved this design. It really appealed to me and I prefer this one over the plain ones and other designs - and that's not just because it's part of Alex's range either!
This jacket is the exception of this post as the rest of my items are summer clothes!

Kardashian Kollection shorts for Sears (American department store)
RRP: $44.00 which converts to £26.28
After using my freedom, from school, to watch a tonne of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' last year, I began to follow the range 'Kardashian Kollection'.
This picture popped up recently and I found that I actually really like these shorts.
They're very summery and spot on for this year.
I love the mint coloured ones, the white ones and the washed out denim shorts particularly.
I know that the Kardashian sisters have their range in Lispy (UK), however they don't stock the same items that they do in America so I don't think they have these - which is upsetting.
But, I am visiting the USA very soon so hopefully I can grab myself a pair.

These are the Digi Roses Old Skool.
RRP: $65.00 which converts to £38.82

Whilst in America, I'm hoping to visit a Vans store too so I can purchase these beauties.
I stumbled across them when I was browsing the Vans website for clothes and a new pair of Old Skool vans - for some reason I ended up looking on the American website and I found these!
I currently have a pair in the same style, however they're leopard print.
I think this style of shoe is so comfy and I'm definitely going to get another pair.
(I also recommend this 'Old Skool' style to anyone!! They're great!)
When I saw this particular pattern, with the light pink strip and the roses, I fell in love.
They're beautiful and perfect for what I want!

Asos Cami in Cage Print
RRP: £18.00

Asos Maxi Skirt in Bias Cut
RRP: £18.00
I'm normally a dress kind of girl, but I'm trying to mix it up this summer.
I think that this cami top with the grey maxi skirt would be a perfect combination.
It's casual and relaxed yet stylish and cool.
Plus, you could wear just about any shoes with it as there's no distinct colour or pattern theme going on.
It's a light option, which could also be dressed up.
I hope that I can get something along these lines for this summer as it would be perfect!

Scuttle Mint Green Heeled Sandals from New Look
RRP: £29.99

These heels are gorgeous.
They'd be perfect for a warm summery evening.
The huge platform at the sole means that they're more comfortable to wear as your foot isn't at too much of an angle. Also, the design allows your toes to peep through the front, to show off your nicely painted toe nails of course, but it doesn't show too much foot with the wrap effect.
These chunky heels are in right now and they're pretty (in my opinion anyway!)
Also, I'm loving the mint green/pale (baby) blue colours this summer.
ASOS Long Line Cami in Animal Print
RRP: £20.00
 This cami is in a favourite pattern of mine. I love animal print.
For some reason I never used to like it, but since I bought my leopard print Vans, I've loved it!
Also, the cami style is becoming a new trend this year.
The thin straps make it easy to wear, light and comfortable while looking just as fab as a normal vest.
With this particular pattern, you could dress it up or dress it down depending on your plans.
Wear it with a cute leather skirt and heels or denim shorts and some flip flops.

Either way, you'll look gorgeous!
ASOS Mini Skirt in Leather
RRP: £55.00
I think leather skirts suit certain people. They're very specific.
I've never tried one on personally, so I don't know whether they suit me or not, but I do love them. Especially this one.
I stumbled across this while browsing ASOS for summer clothes. I think that this style is quirky and would match with just about any top.
Personally, I'd go for a patterned cami or a cute floaty top.
Also, you're left room to wear any kind of shoes - regarding they match your choice in top.

New Dorsay Heeled Court Shoes from River Island
RRP: £50.00

These heels are completely the opposite of the other ones, however they're just as lovely.
I think you'd wear these with a more sophisticated and 'going out' look.
They'd be perfect for a fancy meal with family or a fun night out.
The pointed toe just gives the heels that edge.
It's a certain style, which has made its way back into fashion.
And I love it!
So, these are some items of clothing (and shoes) on my wish list this summer.
What's on yours?

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