Tuesday, 24 June 2014


What do you want to do when you leave sixth form?
University? Apprenticeship? Work? Gap Year?
What university do you want to go to?
What do you want to study?
Where will you live?
How are you going to manage your money?
It's all so overwhelming for a 17 year old.
Although you know all of this is coming, you can never prepare yourself for the pressure and stress that choosing your future will put on you.
Especially if you're a worrier or you like things to be organised and planned like me.
However, I know that for some this kind of thing doesn't phase them too much.
For those like this, I'm very jealous of you!
One thing I've learnt about myself recently is that I put a lot of pressure on myself and so things like this become stupidly stressful and exhausting. I'm so glad that I've realised this because now I know that I need to work on controlling it. If you're anything like me, you will know that it's a horrible habit.
Personally, I've chosen to go down the university route so I'm in the process of researching different places and visiting them on open days.
I think I have picked the course for me however as I can't fully decide, I'm on the edge which is okay at this stage.
My big worry is picking a course and regretting that decision from the day I begin the course in October 2015 - money is the main reason for this worry as it is a lot of money to have in debt if you never really wanted to go to university in the first place.
Although I have a bit of pressure from my parents to go to university, I definitely think I want to go.
I'm not going just because of my parents - I think that would be a mistake.
My advice for anybody looking at universities now is to do what you want.
Don't go to university just because your parents want you to, it's not their future, it's yours.
Also, don't do a certain course because your parents want you to.
They might want you to be a lawyer, but your heart might lay in photography!
I understand that you don't want to upset them and you might feel as though that's your only option, but you need to be in control of your own life. If you go to university and don't enjoy it, you will probably feel like you wasted three years of your life when you could be travelling and gaining experience or building up your skills through an apprenticeship or a full time job.
That's not always the case for some people; although you might not enjoy your course, you might love the experience and the social life.
But, if you choose to do something other than you're parents wishes, they will understand in the long run.
Remember they only want the best for you!
They might think that university is the way for you, but only you truly know what you want to do.

What are your thoughts on university?
What about your experiences? Or your worries?

Despite my worries and stress at this stage, I'm still really excited to go to university.
I can't wait to end my school life and begin a new adventure.

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