Tuesday, 3 June 2014

La la la

This week my pictures (of the week) are a bit different.
This week my picture is...

Someone I aspire to be like - not for her musical or acting abilities necessarily, but for her approach to life.
Her desire to help people and make a change in this world.
My idol - Demi Lovato
I find that Demi's attitude towards revealing her story and attempting to make a change in order to saves peoples lives receives mixed opinions from the public.

Some believe she is doing good, some see it as attention seeking.
Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and I respect that.
Personally, I believe that Demi has been through a hell of a lot from a young age and is using her experiences to help those in need and create awareness for mental illnesses that people commonly miss or choose to ignore.
Demi has a lot of influence among teenage girls, especially her fans, and so if she can use this to make a difference then why the hell not?

I'm not going to lie, I have loved Demi Lovato ever since she made her big break in Camp Rock on Disney Channel.
From then on, followed her career in television and music.

Demi has a unique and amazing voice, which she uses to produce record selling music.
I love her albums and I think she tells a lot through her music - like many artists.

I think she's a beautiful and strong young woman with huge potential, a mass of success already in her pocket and the ability to succeed further in the future.
I could never justify fully why Demi Lovato is my inspiration.
She just is.
 Below I have included two of my favourite songs by Demi Lovato.
These two are slow songs, compared to some of her music, however they both have stories to tell.
If this does not work, click here. 
If this does not work, click here.
Demi Lovato is an inspiration to many.
She has helped hundreds and has contributed to saving lives just by sharing her story.

And for all of her determination, personal recovery, success and hard work;
Demi Lovato is my idol.

I would love to hear who your idols are?
Let me know in the comments below :)

*I take no credit for any of these pictures, gifs or YouTube videos*

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