Wednesday, 18 June 2014

FAVOURITES: Fragrances

 At the moment, I have two perfumes and two body sprays that I can't stop using!
I own many fragrances, however these four just keep drawing me to them so the others get abandoned.

With the perfumes, I have one that's a day to day kind of scent.
And the other is my absolute favourite so I always save that for nicer occasions.
Before I start trying to describe these scents, I just want to apologise because I don't know whether it's me personally but I find describing scents and smells really difficult, however I wanted to share these!
My day to day favourite perfume is:
RRP: £22.00 from Hollister
As you can see, it is produced by Hollister and is called 'Crescent Bay'.
This is sent is really fruity and it's pleasantly nice.
The description online for this fragrance is 'Watermelon - Poppy - Sugary Woods' which is something I completely agree with.
I don't feel like this is quite a typical Hollister perfume, I'd imagine it to be more of a body spray. But, none the less, it's still lovely.
It's also quite strong so even using small amounts works wonders.
I have often been complimented when wearing this.
If you've ever had this before, you'll understand what I'm saying!
Next is my all time favourite perfume:
From The Perfume Shop;
30ml - RRP: £42.50
50ml - RRP: £57.50
80ml - RRP: £76.50
 This is Candy by Prada.
Now, I find this really hard to describe, so I strongly recommend you to test this perfume if you're ever in a perfume shop or the perfume section within a shop.
I think this scent is more flowery than the other.
It's very unique, I'd say.
Strong, like the other as well, so I only need to use it in small quantities at a time which works perfectly for me as it means I don't use it as quick as I might with others so it lasts longer.
I don't really know the standard prices for perfume, but I do recommend stretching a little to purchase this perfume if you can!
It's gorgeous and many people have complimented me whilst wearing it.
Now, onto my favourite body sprays.
Out of my two sprays, I have one distinct favourite:
RRP: £7.50 from The Body Shop
The Body Shop's Strawberry body mist.
This body mist is amazing. I love it.
And to top it off, the strawberry scent just adds to its brilliance.
I love the strawberry smell so this is perfect for me.
The Body Shop do a huge variety of scents in their body mist range, so even if you don't like the smell of strawberries, check out their range. You might find one you absolutely adore.
And finally, this is my second favourite body spray:

RRP: £6.50 from Boots

This is the Soap & Glory - Mist You Madly body spray.
It is described as a flirty, floral and fragrant body spray, featuring scents of bergamot and blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk.
I couldn't agree more, honestly I didn't really know how to describe it but I think it's quite typical for Soap & Glory.
I love this to quick squirt on if I'm in a rush.
I think all of those fragrances are lovely and I definitely recommend each of them.
They're worth every penny!

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