Wednesday, 28 May 2014

FAVOURITES: Nail Polishes

The title says it all really.

Here are a few of my favourite nail polishes...

Rimmel London's Metal Rush
in 60 - Royal Blue

I find that this colour is light but adds nice finishing touch to your outfit. It's not too bright, or too dark, it's just perfect. As a light colour, I find that this is essential in the summer time!

Rimmel London's Lycra PRO
in 440 - Orange Bliss

Orange isn't usually my colour. However after receiving this, either as a gift or in a pack, I grew to love the colour. It gives you a real spring/summer feel and it brightens up my mood when I'm wearing it.

Rimmel London's Salon PRO
in 393 - Desire

Dark reds and purples are colours you can never lose with. They're great if you're wanting them to stand out, but you don't want to go completely black. Or they're a fantastic way to match a dark outfit with your accessories.
Honestly, I love these kind of colours - they're my all time favourite.

Rimmel London's dry in 60 seconds
in 825 - Sky High

Like the Orange, this is an unusual colour for me. I tend to go more dark, however I do find this colour refreshing. I like to mix it up and little, and this colour is perfect for a lovely summery day.

Rimmel London's Precious Stones
in 001 - Diamond Dust

This diamond dust in a pain in the ass to get off, but it looks gorgeous on so it's all worth it in the end.
Add a little bit of sparkle to your base colour and you can't go wrong! 

Sally Hansen - No Chip Top Coat
Finally, this top coat is my saviour. If you're like me and you're out and about a lot, often knocking your hands, leading to chipped nail varnish - add a top coat once you've finished painting your nails, you're guaranteed to have perfectly colour nails for twice as long as normal. It's definitely worth paying a little extra for a top coat as it is the most important part!

I could add so many more colours, brands and styles to this list but then it would go on forever. As you can probably tell, I love Rimmel London nail polishes. They've never done me wrong! They produce lovely colours and a wide variety at that, so there's something for everyone. If you apply it correctly, you're definitely going to get the most out of your nail polish.
Although most of my favourites consist of Rimmel London, and so you can probably tell that I recommend these; I also love (and recommend) Topshop, BarryM and No7 nail polish. Like most girls, growing up I have received many cheap or brandless nail polishes in packs and so I have found those brands that actually serve their purpose to the quality you'd expect! 


  1. I love nail varnishes too :D I really like that orange one! I wear orange on my nails in the summer because it really brings out a tan... well it makes me look less ghost like! X
    Random Brilliance With Me

    1. Yeah, I love the orange too! It's perfect if you're naturally pale as it emphasises your tan, like you said! It's also a fresh colour to add to your outfit :) x

  2. I love the Rimmel nail polish in Desire, it's such a gorgeous colour for Autumn! :)

    1. Totally!
      Desire is my all time favourite, I can't help but use it continuously. It works for most outfits and most seasons if I'm being honest x

    2. Yea, I guess it does. Wish there were more colours like it though, I can't seem to find any similar ones :/

    3. I know!
      I have another Rimmel 'I <3 Lasting Finish' in 193 Black Cherries which is similar... It's dark but it's more purpley than this Salon Pro colour! I also have one from Topshop called Rumour & Lies but it's a little lighter and more pinky! :) x

    4. Ooooh, I'll have to go and try them ones out, thankyou :)

    5. No problem!
      Let me know what you think of them if you can find them :) x

    6. I will if I do, Crush from the Barry M Matte collection seems like a good one too - Barry M is literally what 90% of my nail varnish collection consists of!

    7. Ooh, I'll have to check that one out:) Mine used to be full of Barry M too, but I haven't bought many recently! I'm loving Rimmel at the moment.
      Apparently Essie is supposed to be really good but it's just so expensive x

    8. I haven't really looked at many Rimmel nail varnishes, I've kinda stuck with Barry M for a while, but I'm tempted to try some different brands. & I know, Essie is a bit over priced, I've got Mint Candy Apple by Essie and it's a beautiful colour but I don't think it's worth £8, I'd rather stick to slightly cheaper brands :)

    9. Yeah, well if you do decide to try out something else I definitely recommend Rimmel.. The dry in 10 seconds ones are really good too!
      Ooh, I love that colour! Yeah, I don't think I could part with £8 for one nail polish. Maybe they're worth birthday and christmas presents, haha! x

    10. I might next time I go shopping for nail varnish, 10 seconds might be best for me too because I'm hopeless at waiting for my nails to dry, haha. You should look in TKMaxx for nail varnish like Essie, sometimes they have a couple of Essie, OPI and Butter London for a little cheaper than the usual prices; they're not loads cheaper, just a couple pounds off the usual price, but I think they're like £5 sometimes. I don't know why they're so cheap there though. I'm such a bargain hunter lmao :)

    11. Yeah, me too? I always smudge it before I even finish:')
      Ooh, yeah I will do! Thanks:)
      Haha, bargain hunting is the best way to do it!! x

    12. I know, such a pain. & I don't know if every TKMaxx does it, but I know the one near me sometimes have a couple on the shelves - forever a bargain hunter :)

    13. Tell me about it!
      Yeah, I never really look in TK Maxx although I do know you can get some great bargains!
      That's the best way to do it really!!:) it's definiely the smartest x

    14. I know, I'm having to get use to painting my actual nails again because I use to wear false ones all the time because it was so much easier, but was wrecking my nails :/ I never use to think to look in TKMaxx either tbf, I've always got my eyes open now when I'm in there, but whenever they're in there I never seem to have any money on me at the time :( Great blog btw, definitely going to keep looking out for new posts :)

    15. It's such a good idea, that I wouldn't of actually thought of before! So thank you:)
      Aw, thanks so much! I love yours too! Do you have bloglovin? I'd love to follow you! x

    16. I think this is it for my blog: & thank you, I think I've already followed you on your bloglovin profile :)

    17. Thank you so much! I've just followed you I think:) x

    18. Yay! Thank-you, means a lot :)

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