Friday, 9 May 2014


As a dessert lover, I found myself drawn to Flurt last weekend- a frozen yoghurt shop in Sheffield's town centre.

In Sheffield, live snooker was being held right in the centre of town so market stalls were set up to provide a large selection of foods - there were all sorts of delicacies; from Indian to Chinese, to Mexican and Spanish etc. Promoters lined the streets, advertising different things; shops, food, clubs. Whilst wondering around, my friend and I overheard a woman promoting Flurt, a frozen yoghurt shop that my friend had actually heard about beforehand, so we decided to check it out.

This fro-yo was a perfect dessert for the occasion as it was quite a warm day (for England!) and me, being me, decided to leave the house in jeans. The actual dessert was so cool and delicious. I definitely recommend you try it, if you haven't already!

There were a variety of flavours and toppings to choose from and so, after careful consideration, I chose raspberry frozen yoghurt with oreo bits. At the time, I couldn't of picked a better option. It was a yummy and refreshing snack, which filled a hole nicely.
My friend, on the other hand, decided on a healthier option; natural frozen yoghurt with bits of strawberry on top. 
Now, I can't speak for her, but I'm pretty sure she loved it just as much as I did. They were super tasty.

Frozen yoghurt is a fat free alternative to ice-cream - if you're currently dieting or if you simply dislike ice-cream you may find you love this!
If you want to check out the Flurt website, click here.
I think they're only based in Sheffield at the moment, however I'm sure there will be frozen yoghurt shops where ever you are (I know that Nando's do frozen yoghurt as a dessert, but I don't think you can get any toppings!)

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