Tuesday, 27 May 2014

FAVOURITES: Eye Shadow Palette

From the moment I was introduced to the NAKED palettes, produced by Urban Decay, I wanted one.
In Urban Decay's NAKED range, there are three palettes to choose from, each of them with a different slightly colour scheme in which you can match to your personal preference. 
I was actually introduced to these palettes through watching a few beauty-vloggers on Youtube. SprinkleofGlitter was the first beauty-vlogger I saw that used this palette and I instantly wanted to know more. She was doing a haul (I think) and this was one of her items. After that, every time I saw this product in Debenhams when I wondered past I prayed that they would have a sale at some point so I could finally afford to buy one. Unfortunately, that never happened. I was never given the opportunity to buy a palette at a discounted price. 
However, I was lucky enough to visit New York in February. As I had been saving up for a long time for this trip, I took this chance to finally buy something I'd been waiting so long for; NAKED 2 by Urban Decay.

RRP: £37.00 from Debenhams (UK)
Also, included in this pack, Urban Decay offer a selection of free samples of their 'Eyeshadow Primer Potion'


On the back of the product, Urban Decay have showcased the four colour of primer's included inside so you can see clearly what you're buying before you purchase it. I'm not sure whether Urban Decay have added a sample of primer's into all of the NAKED palettes, however obviously they have for NAKED 2.

Although I have only used my palette a few times - I can't bring myself to ruin the beauty of the range - I would recommend this product to anyone. From what I have used, it is fabulous. The coverage is spectacular, it blends so smoothly and it stays on perfectly throughout the day or night. 
NAKED 2 is definitely, 100%, worth the money. It's honestly one of the best eye shadow palettes I have found as I've used many over the years! 

This is one of my all time favourite products that I've ever owned.

There's no denying beauty is a girl's best friend!

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