Friday, 11 July 2014

My Summer Wish List

A fellow blogger, Jadiee, used a popular trend that's going around and turned it into a tag. She tagged me and so here I am, typing away!

How it works, as I assume, is that you think of five things that you wish to do or achieve this summer and then you list them.
Pretty simple really.

So, here goes...

My five wishes for this is summer are:

1. To get a tan
For the previous couple of years I haven't been able to get a good tan as I've visited places that are very hot and humid and I cannot stand the heat. Despite wishing that I actually loved the heat, like my mother, I physically can't hack it.
Every single year my mum comes home looking as brown as ever and I am just the same old pale milk bottle! I guess last year I did tan a bit more than usual so I was happy with that. But, this year I'm aiming for a full on tan that I'm proud of! haha

2. To tone up
As a teenager, school is time consuming and then your free time is taken up by socialising and relaxing. So, exercise doesn't always take priority. Unless you're an athlete of course.
 I do try to maintain my fitness, however I'm aiming to get toned this summer. As well as hopefully shedding a few pounds!

3. To treat my family so they know how much I really appreciate them
My parents do everything for me and I really want to do something special for them this summer. Even if it's just something simple, like going on a walk and buying them an ice-cream. I know they're willing to do everything that they do do for me, but sometimes I'm spoilt far too much and I don't feel like I do that much in return.
Also, I have two grandparents who, over the years, have spent valuable time and money on me. All of which I hold amazing memories from and appreciate so much. This summer I want to do something for each of them to show them how much I still love to spend time with them although they can't do as much as they used to.

4. To pass my driving test!
After recently passing my (driving) theory test, I'm beginning to think about my practical now.
Having started learning at the end of Decemeber, I've set a target for myself to pass before my birthday (which is in Novemeber) so if I can get it done by September that would be brilliant.

5. To enjoy some new adventures with my friends
Throughout my teen years I've been super fortunate. I've visited so many different cities across England with my friends and we've done a range of things, mostly shopping!
But I'd love to do something new; something different that we will all enjoy and remember the amazing memories we make. Especially as we will be leaving each other and heading off to university soon.

All of these wishes are very personal to me.
(They're definitely not in priority order either!)
As I grow older and get that one step closer to finally moving out, I want to make the most of the time I've got left at home. These years are ones I'll remember for a long time so I want to be able to reminisce on great times, not just the same old.

I'd love to see what your wishes for this summer are.

I tag everyone reading to complete this list.
And if you do, make sure to comment with your link so I can check them out:)
Also, if you don't write a blog, write out your list in the comments!


  1. Great List of stuff!!

    1. Thank you!
      Having achieved some of these already, I would love to complete them all by the time school starts again in September:)
      Do you have any wishes you'd like to achieve by the end of summer?