Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Something I dislike...

So there are many things I dislike about myself, but there's one main thing.
That main thing is that I'm easily influenced by my friends, by the people I go to sixth form with, by my family, by society.
In some ways that's a good thing, but in others it just causes pressure.
Personally, I know that I'm not influenced in all ways. I am my own person and I know that I have many qualities that make me unique. I don't try to change them to accommodate others.
However, in some ways I catch myself being influenced by those around me and it really bugs me.
Obviously, as I am aware of this habit I try to control it.
Being influenced by peers is a great way of shaping who you are and learning about your likes/dislikes while you are growing up.
Influence teaches you new things everyday.
But, the thing that bugs me about being influenced by those around me is that I find myself doing things I'm not comfortable with, things I didn't actually want to do in the first place and things that (sometimes) I later regret.
Don't get me wrong, I won't crumble under peer pressure if it's something dangerous or illegal but it's the little things I catch myself doing.
I'm not an arrogant person, I don't love myself and I definitely don't want everything to be about me. But I am a nice person, I'd rather please others and do things to help those around me. I get that from my parents, we're all softies - sometimes I wish that wasn't the case, however I think it has many more rewards.
I always find that I feel as though no one will want to do what I want, or they won't be happy with my decisions and so I avoid making any if I can. But the thing is, I know my friends would be totally okay with what I want to do. They're not self-centred people either.
I just feel like I should do whatever pleases them and nobody can change that feeling, it's something I always feel but I don't feel it in a way that puts me down.
Now, I'm not always like this.
I do make decisions and I do organise things with my friends.
I think my friends are similar to me as we all don't really like making the decisions and so compromise is a great thing!
If you're anything like me, just remember your decision will not be ignored or you will not be judged because of it.
You're entitled to your opinions and preferences.
Don't feel like everybody else is right.
And most importantly, don't let people walk all over you.
Do whatever makes you happy!

Be yourself.
There's nothing better than someone who is there own person!

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