Saturday, 5 July 2014


As a female teenager, make-up plays a large role in my life!
I love finding new products that are brilliant.
As you may already know, MAC is a well known brand - for both it's excellence and it's prices!
However expensive, it's definitely worth every penny!
(From my experiences it is anyway)
Today I wanted to share with you my favourite lipstick from MAC...
I've got to admit, I have used many brands of lipsticks in the past; Rimmel London, L'Oreal, Topshop, Clinque etc, but I have found that this MAC lipstick is my all time favourite.
It works like a charm.
It's a beautiful colour, it's a reasonable price, it's coverage is perfect and, most importantly, it's long lasting; in which I mean it stays on, as you've applied it, for a long period of time! More than others I've used anyway!
This particular colour is called 'All Fired Up' and it's from the Retro Matte collection.
I don't usually go for pink shades when buying lipsticks, however I was drawn to this one for some strange reason.
Although I was a little dubious at first, when I first wore this lipstick I instantly fell in love.
It's not too bright as it isn't very shiny, mainly due to the fact it's in a matte pigment.
I found that this matte pigment was much more my style.
I definitely recommend you purchase a MAC lipstick.
They're amazing and so easy to wear.
I will 100% continue to buy lipsticks from them as they're excellent quality.
Also, if you ever have a few extra pounds to spare, why not try a matte lipstick?
I, honestly, love them!
It's a great change to the usual lipsticks and glosses :)
(I'm not sure whether you can buy the MAC matte lipsticks in England as I got mine in America, but I am yet to visit many MAC stores across the UK so I don't actually know!)


  1. I have never had a mac lipstick but always wanted to try them

    this one looks amazing

    i have just done a summer tag and i tag you check out for more details :)

    1. It's amazing, I really like it!
      If you can, definitely purchase one.

      Ooh, I'll check it out!