Monday, 11 August 2014

A keen writer...

As a keen writer, I've always wanted to write a whole fictional story.
I put emphasis on the world 'whole' as I have tried to write before but I can never make myself actually finish the story.
Usually, I think of a great idea (well, what I think is a great idea anyway!!) and I plan it to a certain extent. After that, I begin the writing process.
As a full time student, I can only really write at weekends once I've completed all of my homework and spent some time relaxing and socialising.
I realise that this leaves very little time and I'm probably working on a stressed out mind which definitely can't be good. I already know that much.
After a couple of weeks, sometimes days, I become terribly bored and can't bring myself to write anymore good material. It turns into a truly awful story and I can't bring myself to actually finish it.
It's like I've run out of creative ideas for the story line and so I doubt my writing and give up. I end up losing all of the motivation I began with and just delete the story I started writing. 

This habit is so annoying to me. I want to be able to write a whole story, edit it and maybe even publish it online for readers to enjoy. So, I was wondering if anyone had any advice?
I don't know whether I need to make a more detailed plan to start with?
And possibly create a timetable for writing, in between school work and relaxing.
Or write more continuously, rather than just at the weekends and in limited periods of time.
If anybody does have any advice, I'd be forever grateful!
Free to comment down below!

Thank you

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