Saturday, 18 October 2014

A disaster with bleach!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a spur of the moment decision... Although I really wish that I'd disregarded that thought and carried on as normal, I didn't. And now, here I am, with damaged hair in a colour that I really didn't want.
I had a thought, I always wanted to experiment with my hair colour and choose a wacky colour one day. Upon seeing a friend dying her hair all sorts of colours, from blonde to brown (natural colours), to pink and blue, I decided this was my opportunity to do something new.

I wanted a change.
Originally, I loved my hair.
Although it was dyed, that had faded to a beautiful chestnut colour.
Stupidly, I decided a dramatic change meant bleach.
Oh how I was so wrong...
Deciding to bleach my gorgeous, soft, healthy, brown hair was the biggest mistake I've made in a very long time.
For one, I hadn't bought enough. So I began bleaching, only to run out after dying only the top of my head (my roots) and no where else. Unfortunately, I realised too late. As I did this at night time, I had to trek to Boots the next day wearing a hat (in burning hot weather) to cover the mess.

Once home, I began again. This time managing to cover my whole head.

I followed all of the instructions; washed the bleach out, rubbed conditioner through my hair thoroughly and washed that out. Next, came attempting to brush my hair before blow drying it. Brushing my hair was awful, it was far too knotty. Finally, after spending 10 minutes alone just brushing my hair, I dried it. With the outcome a fizzy and completely damaged mess, to say I was upset was an understatement!

The internet was my next priority. I needed to find a way to put some moisture back into my hair. Upon searching, I stumbled across an Aussie product with raving reviews.
Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner has been my life saver.
I think I would of cried every night if I couldn't of restored my damaged hair.

I managed to persuade my mum to buy me another darker blonde hair dye, to which she did and finally got my hair to an alright colour.

I have been using Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle products for five weeks now and the difference is amazing. Despite not having my hair exactly back to normal yet, it's definitely on it's way!

My only advice to anyone wanting to bleach their hair, using purely bleaching products, is to let a professional do it!

Regardless of my recent disaster, I have big plans!
I'm planning to dye my hair a lighter blonde (using a proper dye kit this time) and then put a baby pink on. I'm going for semi-permanent pink at first, this way it won't be too bad if it goes wrong!

But, I'm praying this goes okay, because my birthday's coming up and I want it to look pretty!

Have you guys had an dying or bleaching disasters in the past?
And, if you've ever damaged your hair through colouring or heat products, I'd love to find out what products you use to replenish its natural moisture and texture

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