Sunday, 12 October 2014

I passed!

27th May 2014: Blog post named 'Driving!!'
'Being a naïve child, I thought driving would be a breeze. I expected to get in the car and have learnt how to drive perfectly (okay, maybe not perfectly, nobody's perfect) in a couple of months.

But nope, almost five months in and I'm still on the road to getting there.

There are weeks where I just want to give up, weeks where multiple things go wrong in one lesson and so you start to accept the fact that you'll never be able to drive and there's no point in continuing. However, I feel quite confident at the moment and I know that it just takes practise. There's no point in giving up when you've already come so far!
So, hopefully, I'll be on the roads in no time!'

26th September 2014
Perseverance, motivation, dedication and practise! That's all in takes.


  1. Congratulations! Well done :)